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Where To Buy Cheap Led T-Shirt?
We Are Going To Have A Party Next Weekend, And I'M Looking For A Unisex Led T-Shirt, Dj Boy Music Would Be Better. Any Ideas?

Salvation Army

We're having end of the month Rummage Sale @ the senior center where I do volunteer work, end of the last hour, everything 50% off. T-shirts can do as low as 50 cents!

Where Can I Find Wholesale Ballet Themed T-Shirts And Gifts For Kids?
Hi...I Am Opening A Dance Themed Boutique For Kids. I Desperately Need Help Finding Wholesale Dance/Ballet/Hip Hop, Etc. T-Shirts For Children. I Am Also Looking For Wholesale Dance Themed Items Like Books, Stickers, Pens, Stuffed Animals, Etc. I Am Having A Hard Time Searching. Any Help Will Be Greatly Appreciated! Who Knew Kid Wholesale Dance Stuff Would Be Hard To Find? Thank You One And All!;)

Since your having a hard time trying to search for some, you can make some of the things your own!

you can take an ordinary black pen that can be opened and closed and that is clear just like this one..... http://googleimageresult230.tk/ And then just print some paper that says your boutiques name on it. And just open the top of the pen, put the paper inside where you can read the letters, and then close it up!

easy as pie! Just buy some white non-worded t-shirt from a local store (i get mine at dollar general) and then follow these steps..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0H_utRjIGsc


now books are not easy to make (lol) so just find some magazines you can sell for less there, or even basic books that tells you about dance! http://www.amazon.com/Books-about-Dance/lm/GBHEXMHL14C0 If your lucky enough you can find some at garage sales for CHEAP!!


Why Are Guy'S Wearing Girl Clothes?
Why Are Guys Wearing Girl Clothes It Seems Like Everyone At My School Is?

Actually some girl clothes are very practical and fit better. Guys don't have the selection girls have. Women have robbed the entire men's side of the wardrobe and have gotten away with it but men are still stuck in a non changing fashion and are just now beginning to realize there are choices. Best example are girl's stretch jeans...they fit great on a guy and most girls like the look. (win win for the guys. At least for the real guys who are man enough to try them).

Many have predicted skirts will become mainstream for men VERY soon and when you think about it WHY NOT? More practical than jeans or shorts in hot weather. Amazing how closed minds work (or don't work)!

This has nothing to do about being gay. It has everything to do with being a individual not subject to peer pressure.

I Have A School Fun Night And Its Gender Swap Night Any Clothing Advice?

So is school fun night the way for cross dressers to ask about clothes now? It always used to be I lost a bet and have to dress like a girl.

Wear whatever you feel comfortable in.

Where Online Can I Buy Blank, Wholesale, Cheap T Shirts?
I'M Starting A Screen Printing Business And I'M Looking Everywhere Online To Try And Find Blank T Shirts That I Can Buy In Bulk. So Far Everywhere I'Ve Looked Is No Cheaper Than $1.45 A Shirt (White) And $2.50 (Dark Colors). I'M A Little Limited On Beginning Funds And Is Where My Concern Comes In. I'Ve Tried Looking At Shops Around Town But Being From A Small Town Has Me Limited, And Is More Expensive Than Online. Any Help Would Be Greatly Appreciated, Thanks!

www.alibaba.com have you tried that? there are many manufacturers on that site from china.

Anyway Good luck

What Is The Cheapest Web Site Where I Can Make Customized T-Shirts In Small Bulks?
I Have A Company And I Have Designs That I Want To Print On T-Shirts To Sell. I Need A Variety Of Styles And I Want To Make A Good Profit With Out Having To Charge My Customers Too Much, Any Ideas?


Minimums of 12 t shirts and have wholesale customer programs. The website is mostly informational, you'll want to give them a call or email to discuss what you want, but they print for brokers, designers and other printers and embroiderers. Compared to the big internet only based screen printers, their prices are good too!