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If I Have A Stencil, How Can I Put It Onto A Shirt Without Screen Printing?
I Can'T Screen Print, But There There'S A Drafting Class At My School Who Would Possibly Do It For Me For Money. However, I'D Like To Do It Myself. Do I Need Specials Paints (I Would Assume Fabric Paints) Or Anything Like That? Should I Just Get Someone To Print It For Me Or What? Thanks.

there are a few options.

1. make a stencil & use fabric paints as you've mentioned.

2. you can also print directly from your printer.
Here are instructions on how to print on fabric right in your inkjet printer:

3. you can use Crayola's range of fabric colors - paints, crayons, velvets, pencils, glitter, tubes, etc. etc.

4. you can make your own screen printing kit, its a good way to start.

5. you can make your own art stencils for t-shirts, etc. using photoshop, adobe….. this is really great & easy !

6. you can use iron-on &/or transfer paper too. buy it, draw your picture/design & follow instructions to transfer the design to your fabric.

www.dharmatrading.com/html/eng/ -- for various fabric-related products & techniques, including tie-dye, batik, stamping, transfer, silk painting, screen printing, fabric painting, & so on...

hope these help
all the very best & have fun 🙂

Screen Printing / Silkscreen Help Pls Help?
Screen Printing / Silkscreen Help Pls Help? If I Buy A Super Value Fabric Screen Printing Kit (Http://Www.Artstuff.Net/Speedball_Super_Value_Fabric_Scr.Htm) Could I Still Use It On Paper Or Canvas? Culd I Also Use The Stencil Technique Wit This Kit?

What you put in on doesn't make much difference as long as the paint (ink) is compatible with the surface. The stencil method should be ok as it is one of the easiest ways to use silk screen.

I'm Looking For A Printing Company That Prints Custom Bookmarks?
I Need Help On Finding Printing Companies That Transfer My Art Into A Custom Bookmark??? Help Plz Id Be Very Thankful...Business Ppl!!!

It's actually a series of simple operations, so you won't have any trouble finding someone.

Who you go with with be largely determined by what the finished bookmarks are supposed to be and look like, and how many you're doing. You'll want to talk to both full-service local printers (not Staples) and screen printers in or near your area. Nothing against Staples; just that independent shops are more flexible and have a bigger range of tools for something like this.

The printer can do something simple like print the bookmarks digitally a few to a sheet (ask to see printed samples first and don't use them if you don't like the image quality).

After that, the sheets can be laminated in glossy or matte film, left alone, or whatever. Matte laminate gives a silky, elegant finish to the product, so look into it. Then the sheets are cut to yield the nearly-finished bookmarks. Some printers have corner rounding devices as well, and nearly all have drills to punch a hole in the bookmark so you can run some yarn or a chain through them. If you wanted to get really fancy you could have a custom die made to punch the bookmarks out of the sheets, but it isn't strictly necessary.

If you're thinking of doing a few thousand bookmarks, it would make sense to run them on a offset printing press.

A silk-screener, meanwhile, can print the bookmarks on a material like plastic vinyl, which you would probably recognize from something like a thicker version of a report cover. Again, this might be appropriate if you're doing zillions of them, but ask anyway because bookmarks are the kind of thing they would likely have a pre-made die for, which would save you lots of money.

What Is The Standard Size Of A Screen For An Automatic Screen Printing Machine?
Just Curious About The Standard Size Of An Automatic Screen. Thanks.

If you are referring to silk screen printing.... there is no standard size...

T-Shirt Custom Print In Toronto?
Im Looking For A Local Customize T-Shirt Print Shop In Toronto Or Maybe A Screen Print Store Where I Can Take My Shirt And Print It. Anyways Even In Gta, It Would Be Appreciated

try this site: http://ww.ezcustomclothing.com . they also sell in US and UK.

Direct To Garment Printer Vs. Screen Printing?
I Have Taken Graphic Communications Classes, And I Want To Get Into The Shirt Printing Business. In The Classes I'Ve Taken, We Only Used Traditional Silk Screen Presses. But I'Ve Been Seeing Sites That Talk About Direct To Garment Printers, And I'M Torn Between Which One To Invest In. I Really Like The Idea That Dtg Printers Can Give You More Colors And Detail With Little Prep Work, But I Read That The Quality Isn'T As Good As Silk Screening? So What I'D Like To Know Is: Which One Is More Profitable For A Tshirt Business? How Long Do The Ink Cartridges For Dtg Last? And Which Method Is More Worth It'S Cost? Thank You(:

no, it isn't