DIY CUSTOM DAD HATS // Embroidered + more

Hey Beautiful People,
Dad hats (and jokes) are the best! Here are 3 ways that I like to DIY a hat: embroidered, ironed on, and drawn on. These are just some ideas I am throwing out, feel free to use my ideas to uplift yours. Enjoy ! (WATCH IN HD)

P.S. Yes my hair is so messy. Hats are great for bad hair days 😉
*Iron-on Photo Credit*


Wave emoji:

Magikarp drawing:

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^ There’s a period in between the faith and the tasticness lol
Age: 20
Ethnicity: Hmong
What I film with: My Iphone 5s (currently saving up for a camera)
What I edit with: iMovie and Pocket Video on my phone & Windows Movie Maker
End Song: Anti-Social Media – Will Jay
Song used throughout video: Stolen – Dashboard Confessional (Piano Cover) by Jamie Lin

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