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Quick turn around shirt orders – Custom Promotional T Shirts in Oxnard, A number of family functions are excellent opportunities to generate a custom printed shirt. Firstly, a household reunion is an excellent time to get custom printed shirts. You can create a shirt design that features your last name, the date, an image that is representative of the big event, or another type that your group would want. Depending on the event, you could plan to charge for your shirts, or just share them those in your loved ones. Promotional T Shirts – DTG T Shirt Printing With Thousands Of Colors At One Low Price! An alternative is usually to have custom t-shirts created for a family group trip. Your family can wear matching shirts as you enjoy your time and efforts away. If you are visiting a beach town, an theme park, or some other destination, having custom shirts along with your name or perhaps your vacation's theme upon them quite a bit of fun and makes a great souvenir. You can even create custom printed t-shirts for business events. If you make shirts that share the event's name as well as a catchy picture or phrase, this provides your enterprise a lot more exposure to result in people to remember you and also contact you when they require a company that focuses on your niche. Also, it makes a great reminder. You should look at making them for company picnics, company sponsored fun days, or any other event that your company is part of. People enjoy t-shirts and they are generally an excellent advertising medium. Creating custom printed t-shirts for sports teams can be another great choice. Even when the team already has team shirts, making shirts to the team which contains the name of your team combined with the players' and coaches quite a bit of fun. Also you can consider making shirts for mothers and fathers or siblings or anybody else who would like to show support to the team. These custom team t-shirts are also an excellent fundraising item and can certainly help the team obtain the funds they require for whatever it is they want. As you have seen, custom printed t-shirts are a great option for many reasons. Whether you need to create a shirt for a family event, have got a company event developing where you could take advantage of a custom shirt, or you would like to show support for your personal child's sport team, these are all great reasons to make a shirt that shares some kind of helpful information. Utilize the ideas shared here to assist get you going on creating the custom t-shirts to suit your needs and get ready to get fun with all the designing process.

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What Brand Of T Shirts Are Good For Silkscreening/Screen Printing?
I'M Starting Up A Small Business On Etsy Doing T-Shirts. Does Anyone Have A Suggestion On Where To Get Shirts From? I Don'T Want A Super Cheep Brand That Is Not Confortable But American Apparel Seems Expensive. Does Anyone Have A Good Source For A Medium To High Quality T Shirt That Is Affordable In Bulk?

for what I've seen people use, American apparel seems the best way to go. Your getting what you pay for which is a good quality shirt. The worst thing you can do is buy a cheap shirt and have it fall apart on your customer :\ . Also to assure that your designs stay up, and look fresh, wash the shirts before you print on them. And its better to not really buy a lot of the shirts, maybe a few shirts in each size. Remember, you can always buy more when they start selling.

Question About Screen Printing?
I Wanted To Start Making My Own T- Shirts And I Was Looking Into Buying A Screen Printing Press. Something Small For Now Like 2 Color 1 Station. What Other Essentials Will I Need To Purchase Along With The Press?

I Was Looking At A Press Like This One

Thank You

You'll need a variety of screens. First you'll need to figure out what frame size will fit your press, then decide what mesh count you need. 80-110 mesh ct. is good for putting down a lot of ink, especially if you want to put down a white under base. 156-230 mesh ct. for designs with a lot of fine details and/or halftone dots. If you're going to do 4 color process, you'll need mesh counts of 305 or higher.

Next you'll need to decide on what type of ink you're going to use. Plastisol ink is the most commonly used ink for t-shirts and is the easiest to use. It is heat-set ink, so you'll need a flash unit and a dryer to properly cure the ink (sometimes a heat gun will work, but it takes longer and you may scorch the shirt).
Water-based inks are good for t-shirt printing, as well, but are harder to work with. They tend to dry out in the screens fairly quickly, so you have to be aggressive when printing. If printing on shirts, this type of ink needs to be heat set as well.

You'll need emulsion to coat your screens. The type of emulsion used will be based on the type of ink you're going to use. If you're using water-based inks, then you'll need emulsion that is formulated for that type of ink. Emulsion can come pre-mixed with diazo, which is the chemical that causes the emulsion to cross-link when exposed to light. You can also purchase emulsion and the diazo separately and mix then yourself. The emulsion is sensitive to all light, except yellow light, so you'll need some yellow light bulbs and a room where you can block out all other light. You'll also need a scoop coater to apply the emulsion to the screen. You'll need one the will fit inside the screen frame.

You'll need some type of exposure unit to expose your screens. These can be high end models with vacuum tables, or you can make one with a high wattage halogen lamp and a piece of glass place over the screen and the film (this is what I use).

You'll need a wash out area to rinse out and/or reclaim the screen. You'll need a pressure washer and a regular hose with a sprayer. You'll need some cleaning chemicals such as press wash, emulsion remover, de-greaser, ink de-gradient, and de-hazer. Some of these will be different depending on the type of ink you'll be using.

Squeegees. These are what is used to force the ink through the screen. They are measured by the hardness (durometer). 70-75 durometer are usually sufficient. Squeegees come in various sizes, so you'll need to figure out which ones will work will the frames you're using.

Tape. Wide masking tape is used to tape off the sides of the screen to prevent ink from seeping through area that don't have emulsion. Some places will try to sell you special tape made for screen printing, but masking tape works very well and is less expensive.

This is a long list, and I probably forgot some things, but for the most part these are the basic items. If you're new to screen printing, do some research before you get to far into it. Screen printing may seem easy, but it's actually somewhat difficult if you're unfamiliar with it. Trust me, you will make mistakes, but all in all, screen printing is very rewarding and fun.

I'M Looking To Buy A Silk Screening Kit, But I Don'T Know Where Or What To Get?
I Took A Workshop A Few Years Back To Stretch Out And Make Your Own Screen, And How To Use The Emulsifier And Burn Images, But I Have Not Silk Screened Since Then. I Usually Paint On Fabric, But I Would Really Like To Start Doing Prints. I'M Looking For A Kit Which Can Be Tucked Away Somewhere, As I Only Live In A Little Apartment.

I Looked At Two Kits, The Yudu And Tulip Screenit, And I Am Unsure Of Both. The Yudu Has A Lot Of Negative Reviews, And The Tulip Screenit Has No Reviews And I Can'T Seem To Buy It In Canada(Or Where I Am In Canada). I Know They Both Come With The Solid Emulsifier Sheets, And Its Different Then The Traditional Way Of Silk Screening, But I Am Wondering If Either Of These Are Worth Getting. If Not, I Am Looking For Suggestions.

I Don'T Have Tons Of Space, But I Really Want To Start Silk Screening!
Thanks! 🙂

Silk Screen Kit…

Yudu Screen kit,…

Tulip Screen-it,

Search for shops in your area, and within region, as there may be private owned shops with access to supplies,

Curry's > Speedball Silk Screen Sets

Deserres > Silkscreen kit

google Maps > TO > Art supplies (example),+Ont,+art+supplies&aq=&sll=43.653226,-79.383184&sspn=0.485877,0.633087&vpsrc=0&gl=ca&g=Toronto,+ON&ie=UTF8&hq=art+supplies&hnear=Toronto,+Toronto+Division,+Ontario&t=m&z=13

Yellow pages Art supplies

Screen Printing (Silk Screens)?
I Need Help. I'Ve Mix The Photo Emulsion With The Sensitizer, I'Ve Put It On The Screen In A Dark Area So No Light Is On It, And I'Ve Burnt My Image…But When I Go To Wash It Off So I Can Begin Printing, Sometimes A Lot Of The Emulsion Gets Washed Off Ruining My Design. Someone Please Tell Me What I'M Doing Wrong.

I took a few printmaking courses while I was in college but I forgot most of what I learned :-P. I looked up the screen printing process on the 'net and came up with the site listed as the source below.

Here's a quote from the problem solving section:

"Problem: Too much or all Photo Emulsion washed out of screen after exposure.

Improper mixing of emulsion and sensitizer.
Tracing paper or film not sufficiently transparent.
Washout temperature was too high.
Screen not dry before coating.
Screen not dry before exposure."

Custom T-Shirt Order, Bulk, Cheap?
I'M Looking For A Site To Print 150 White T-Shirts With A Black Image For As Cheap As Possible. Any Suggestions?

Hello we can print these shirts at a reasonable price for you. If you could contact me with more information and the image you wish to have printed I can give you a quote for these. Please include a breakdown of the sizes needed and if you have any questions please feel free to ask. Thanks! 🙂

Cute Teenage Girl Clothing?
Where Can I Get Some Decent Looking, But Very Cute And Slim Comfortable, But Dressy Shirts To Wear To School… My Wardrobe Is So Limited Right Now. Price Is Also An Issue… Nothing Over 10 Bucks Would Be Nice….

I Am Pretty Slim, So Most Clothing Stores Fit Me. (16 Yrs Old)

Please Don'T Just Say American Eagle And Other Typical Mall Stores.. I Need Small Stores That Aren'T In A Huge Mall And Such… Unique Shirts…

And No Goodwill Or Walmartm Target Type Answers Please

Well there is many different store that I would sugguest but they might not be in Texas.

1. Kohls… (they have really cute clothes, ecspecially when on clearence)
2. Jcpenny… (pretty much same as kohls, alittle cheaper
3. Boston Store (really nice quality but can be a little more expensive)
4.Sears… (same as jcpenny, maybe not as cute of clothes.
5. Forever 21
6. RUE 21 (they have really good deals a lot of their shirts are 5-14 dollars jeans ummm…18 maybe 15)
7. VF factory outlet
8. Value City
9. Wet Seal (can get pricey if you're looking for things under 10
10. DOTS
11. I know you said no Wal-Mart but they can have some good clothes.
12. Aeropostale… (they can have like really cheap things there i got a few long sleeve shirts there for like 7 bucks and there t-shirts can be like 3 dollars.

**AVOID abercrombie & fitch, hollister, and american eagle (you probably already knew that) well if you get clothes from their outlet you might be able to find a good deal once and awhile
**Hope you find a store that works for you)

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