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Quick turn around shirt orders – Custom Direct To Garment T Shirts in Oxnard, Many different family functions are excellent opportunities to make a custom printed shirt. To begin with, a family group reunion is an excellent time for you to get custom printed shirts. You can create a shirt design that features your surname, the date, a picture that represents the big event, or another type your group would like. Depending on the event, you could opt to charge to the shirts, or perhaps share them with those who are in your family. Direct To Garment T Shirts – DTG T Shirt Printing With Thousands Of Colors At One Low Price! An alternative choice would be to have custom t-shirts made for a family trip. You and your family can wear matching shirts while you enjoy your time and efforts away. If you are visiting a beach town, an theme park, or even to every other destination, having custom shirts with the name or maybe your vacation's theme to them quite a bit of fun and constitutes a great souvenir. Also you can create custom printed t-shirts for business events. Once you make shirts that share the event's name plus a catchy picture or phrase, this gives your company much more exposure to result in individuals to remember you and also contact you should they need to have a company that focuses on your niche. Also, it will make an excellent reminder. You should consider which makes them for company picnics, company sponsored fun days, or some other event that your business is an integral part of. People like t-shirts and they are a great advertising medium. Creating custom printed t-shirts for sports teams is another great choice. Whether or not the team already has team shirts, making shirts for the team containing the name in the team in addition to the players' and coaches is a lot of fun. You can even consider making shirts for parents or siblings or other people who wishes to show support to the team. These custom team t-shirts may also be an excellent fundraising item and can really help they obtain the funds they require for anything they require. As you have seen, custom printed t-shirts are a great option for a wide variety of reasons. Whether you want to develop a shirt to get a family event, have a company event coming where you can reap the benefits of a custom shirt, or you would like to show support for your personal child's sport team, they are all great reasons to create a shirt that shares some sort of helpful information. Take advantage of the ideas shared here to aid get you going on creating the custom t-shirts to suit your needs and prepare to possess fun with all the designing process.

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What Do I Need To Start A Silk Screen Printing At My Current Company?
Our Company Currently Sells Products That Could Be Silk Screen Printed For Our Customers. We'D Like To Add The Capability To Silk Screen To Our Business. How Many Addtional People/Time/Money/Equipment Do I Need To Accomplish This?

I can understand that you would like to add screen printing as an option for your customers, and the previous answer gave you a pretty detailed synopsis of the process.

I would however, suggest that your company consider outsourcing the products you want to have screened, at least until you can determine that it is something that your customers would like to have on your items. At least then, you can determine the demand.

Most screen printing companies only charge a screen charge, typically $25.00 and then so much per item. One thing that the previous answer didn't address was the different types of ink for different applications.

Can your item withstand the high curing tempratures? If not, then a specialized in will lhave to be used. How many colors are you planning on? Each color will require a seperate screen.

Outsource your first few, and you will have a better idea of what it will take to set up your own screen shop.

Best wishes, and good luck.

Query On Diy Screen Printing At Home, Looking For A Transparency Maker To Make Screen Prints?
I'M Looking To Do Diy Screen Printing At Home I Know 20Yrs Ago I Was Using A Thermofax Machine In College But When I Look To Find A Thermofax Machine They Don'T Sell Them Any More And The Ones Available For Sale Are Very Expensive. Is There Another Machine That Would Do The Same Thing As A Thermofax Machine?

I Was Looking At Transfer Thermal Printer Flash Machine & Stencil Maker Copier Hectograph Transfer Thermal Printer Flash Machine But I'M Not Sure If That Works Like A Thermofax Machine. Any Help And Advise Would Be Brilliant!

I Need To Make To Find A Transparency Maker To Make Screen Prints, Can Anyone Help? Please Advise.

Many Thanks!

I think you are caught up in a vocabulary change which will confuse most younger people as it does me.
These days
Transparency is something that is laid down on an overhead projector to show an image.
Screen prints are captures of a computer screen
I think you mean
Screen prints are made in "silk screen" printing where the image is transferred by wiping ink across a fabric surface where the pattern is blocked out so the image only is allowed through in some places.
I also think (not being deep into this process)
That the industry has completely changed and now uses photographic development of screens using UV lamps or sunlight and negatives which are printed on transparent plastic using low cost (up to a certain size) laser or ink jet printers.

Simple Easy Way To Make A Silk Screen/Screen Print On Paper (Like Andy Warhol)?
Simple Easy Way To Make A Silk Screen/Screen Print(Like Andy Warhol)?
Video Tutorial Or Instructions Would Be Good?

Warhol used photographs for his screenprints. These were often treated with a process called posterization;…
A different screen was used for each colour.

After that the screenprint process is the same for fabric or paper.……………

Whats The Best Clothing Store For Cheap T-Shirts?
Im Looking For Cheap Cute Graphic T'S & Plains T'S. Preferably Long Ones That Cover My Hips!

Aeropostale because when theirs a sale on their clothes their t shirts price become around 5 to 10 dollars. Some shirts are plain tees and some shirts are tees with the aero postle title in front of it. You could also try hollister and forever 21 but hollister they hardly put anything on sale and forever 21 isn't very casual( you asked for a plain t-shirt)
I hope you found what your looking for:)

Cheapest T-Shirt Printing Method?
I Find Myself Making A Lot Of Custom T-Shirts Off A Website, And I Have Come To The Realization That I Am Spending More Than I Can Afford. $16+ Is A Lot When You Are Buying One Once A Week, Or Every Two Weeks, Ect. I Started To Think That I Could Make My Own! I Want To Buy A Machine Off The Internet, And I Would Like To Know What The Cheapest Type Of Machine I Could Buy. (But I Want It To Be Able To Print In Color). Also, It Would Be Awesome If You Could Tell Me Approximately How Much It Cost And How It Works! Thanks!

There are plenty of machines you can buy. The ones I've seen range from about $500 to $5,000. They all use silk screening.

If you're just printing a few, there are sheets you can run through an inkjet printer that'll transfer the image onto a T-shirt. I have my suspicions about durability and quality, but that'd be a lot cheaper than what you're spending.

The problem with silkscreening is that there's a lot of upfront effort and cost that goes into creating the screens. That's why you typically see a minimum quantity for shirts, and why the price per shirt drops radically the more you buy. You really wouldn't want to go through all that effort just to print a single shirt a week.

There are plenty of videos online showing how it works. You basically make a separate screen for each color you want to use in your shirt. Then (on the lower end models) you position the screen in its holder over the shirt, lower it, and squeegee the ink onto the shirt. You raise the screen, put in the screen for the second color, and repeat the process.

Hope that helps.

Silk Screen Printing?
Hi! I'M New To Silk Screen Printing. My Objective Is To To Print On The Temples Of Sunglasses. The Image Is Text And A Flag And Involves Red And White. Will 110 Mesh Work For This Or Will It Not Be Detailed Enough (The Image Is Pretty Small Given The Small Space On Which To Print And I'D Like It To Look Pretty Crisp.) And What Ink/Paint Do You Recommend? Id Like It To Look Like Its Printed On The Plastic- Not Raised Or Glossy Or Anything- And To Make Sure The Paint/Ink Won'T Come Off. Also, The Glasses Are A Dark Navyy And The Colors Are Red And White. Should I Do Anything To Make Sure The Paint/Ink Shows Up Well? And, Last Thing I Promise :), I Don'T Have An Exposure Unit So How Long Is A Good Amount Of Time To Leave The Screen Out In The Sun To Burn The Stencil? Your Help Is So Appreciated! Thank You!! -Mary

What you want to do is performing a technical near miracle. You having no experience will make it the full miracle.

Problem one: printing on a non flat surface. The solution they use in factories is to silkscreen print on a rubber surface en press that on the curved shape. Doing that by hand may work but is a skill that is hard to master.
Problem two: No matter how good you are, this will mess up a lot of sunglasses.

A more economic and less bothersome way would be to have it printed on transparent vynil and stick those to the glasses.

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