I'D Like To Learn The Basic Techniques Of Silk Screening, Does Anyone Have Any Suggestions?
I Would Like To Start Small, And Not Spend A Ton Of Money On The Supplies. I'Ve Tried Several Online, And Book Sources, But The Instructions Were Either Completely Complicated Or Extremely Vague. I Would Appreciate Any Step By Step Instruction That You Guys Have.

I've taken a screenprinting course and was pretty ok doing it. The book I have is "Screenprinting: The complete water-based system" Water based is best for the house so you don't have to worry about ventilation and harmful chemicals. For supplies, I'd recommend Dick Blick, the website is dickblick.com. They're not the cheapest but I've had a lot of good orders from there. For a basic website: http://www.moma.org/exhibitions/2001/whatisaprint/flash.html

The basics to setting it up, you'll need 2 table clamps, a screen, squeegee, ink. This allows you to lift and raise your screen while keeping your registration. A tip I know is to tape a dime on each corner, on the end closest to you, away from the clamps. It helps lift the screen off the table a little more and it helps to get a crisper image, in my experience.

To put your design on a screen, there are two ways I know. Using contact paper and using a photographic method. But that requires an exposure unit and not quite worth it for the house. With the contact paper, it's not a permanent method, you won't hurt your screen in anyways. However, it will be hard to get many *good* prints. The ink can go under the cut edges some, so if it's really important make multiple copies.

So if you have your design on the screen, clamped in, paper on the table, put the screen down. put ink at the top, put your squeegee in the ink, use 2 hands use firm pressure and pull towards you. Not slow, but not too fast. When you get all the way over, pop up the screen and do what is called a flood pass. It is where you take ink from closest to you and go back towards the top. It keeps it from drying out. Dry ink in the screen is a bad thing because it will affect your print in a bad way.

If this isn't enough details, let me know. Or if it's confusing, ask questions I'll explain better. I hope it helps.

Where Can I Buy Silk For Silk Screening?
I Just Want To Buy The Cloth, Not A Kit Or Anything Else. Where Can I Find This, Or Are There Alternatives That Can Substitute?

There are various fabrics you can substitute for real silk when "silk screening." In fact, the whole technique is called "screen printing" these days because silk is no longer often used... instead, a fine *polyester* mesh fabric is used (although various open-weave fabrics can be used for various effects).

You can buy polyester mesh at a screen printing supplier (look in the yellow pages), or you can try out various kinds of very fine weave polyester mesh from the fabric store, or order from online.

Check out some of these links for lots of info on screen printing:


Diane B.

What Type Pf Papers To Use For Silk Screen Print Is The Best ?

I don't know what "pf paper" is. You should consult the rep from the ink manufacturer as to what paper you can print on. Your ink must be matched to the substrate or you will get all kind of undesired results. The ink rep will want to know the basics of your work, like what line screen, what mesh, the thickness of the substrate, coated or uncoated stock and maybe more before he could answer that.

Good luck

How To Make A Good Stencil In Silk Screen?
I Want To Know If How To Make A Good Stencil Output After It Has Been Exposed To A Uv Light Or Exposing Unit? I Am Using Actinic Light 4 Lights Are Installed In My Unit.. But I Am Having A Hard Time So Hard Time.. Printing A Good Stencil Out Of My Frame.. I Am Using Photoshop And Let It Print On A Transparent Film Or Acetate. But After I Coat The Emulsion, And Let It Exposed. If I Wash It. Its All Messed Up.. The Artwork Didnt Came Up? What Might Be The Cause Of It? Pls Help Me.. I Want To Start On Making A T Shirt As A Small Business But Ive Wasted So Much Money Just Practising.. Any Help Would Be So Much Appreciated.. I Thank You Guys Soo Much In Advance.. =)

You are either

1.Under-exposing : in which case most of the emulsion will wash off along with your design.
2. Over-exposing: in which case the design would not wash out of the screen it would be set along wiht the negative area.

Things to be sure of:

1. Is your photosensitive emulsion out of date ?

2. Are you being careful not to expose the coated screen to any other light source ?

3. Is the emulsion applied evenly and thinly using the correct application trough ?

If the last three categories ar ok, then it would appear that your problem lies with the exposure time. Do small practise pieces (they don't have to be stretched for this purpose) and experiment, writing down the exposure times and results as you go.

Good luck with that.

If after all that you are still not getting a good result, why not pay a small fee for another company to make up the screens for you ?

Popular Kids/Toddler Clothing Stores Online?!?
I Know Of The Children's Place, Old Navy And Gap. But Are There Any Other Ones I'm Missing? I'm Trying To Shop Online For My Two Boys 22 Months & 5 Yrs Old. Thank You!

You can find alot of nice clothes on ebay now a days. There are several items that are sold in lots and most often they are brand new clothes. I have purchased name brand / great priced clothing for my 5 year old son several times.

You will most likely find bettter deals for your 22 month old.

Good Luck. 🙂

Emo Clothing Stores Online?
I Am Looking For A Good Online Or Real Life Place Where I Can Buy Emo Clothing And Accessories. If You Could Help By Suggesting Any Stores That Would Be Great.

well if you look up GOTHIC clothing there can be many side tabs for 'emo styled' clothing.

i've got a few gothicy ones. but i'm not sure if you are a boy or girl so i just included them all

there are also LOADS of ebay stores:

http://stores.ebay.com/REFUSE-TO-BE-USUAL this is my favourite! scroll to the middle (i know its pink but they have some good stuff)

and it also depends on the type of 'emo' look you are going for.
good luck!

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