Teen Style Clothing Websites?
Hello, I'M Going To Be A Junior This Year And I Want To Kind Of Update My Look. I Want To Have A City Type Of Vibe(Not Urban), But More Like A New York Style. I Want To Look More Sophisticated(Not Business Like). I Just Want To Look More Ummmmm Mature(I Guess That Would Be The Word). I Want Clothing Like In Express And Rampage. What Are Some Other Clothing Websites With A City Vibe To Them? I Like Forever21, But I Want Something Else. Thanks.

I live in the city and i think H&M is a very New York City sophisticated clothing store. Here in New York City, a person who has a good fashion sense keeps it simple. There is nothing worse than a person who dresses tacky. Wear Neutral colors and avoid low cut clothing (you don't want to look like a whore) There are different stores where you can find great clothes. Do not overdo it. To avoid looking urban, do NOT: wear graphic tees, sneakers, colored jeans. I prefer Keds rather than Nike or Jordan. All I really have to say is just, keep it simple :))

go to: http://lookbook.nu/ (for inspiration)

Good Name For Clothing Website?
Hey! I Am Starting A Website That Is Like Daily Deals For Clothes So Really Need A Name, Something Short, And Rememberable And Most Of All Brandable! I Like Something Like Wowsy.Com Or Wowme.Com So Somethiung Kind Of Abstract That Can Make Into A Brand! Any Ideas Would Be Great! And If I Use Your Name You Can Have A Free Celeb Dress! Xxx

A clothing website sounds like a great idea and I would be glad to offer my ideas!
A cool name is "glam-up.com" or maybe "wow-licious.com". I was also thinking about "clothes-heaven.com" , "style-alert.com", so-stylish.com", "go-clothes.com".

I am going to try to think more names and if I come up with something else, I let you know! Hope I helped you! 😄⭐ let me know what you chose eventually!

Best Fabrics For Garments?
What'S The Best Combination Of Fiber Materials For Sweaters? Shirts? Pants? Underwear? Socks? What'S Best For Summer And What'S Best For Winter? Linen. Cotton. Silk. Angora (Rabbit Fur). Cashmere. Merino Wool. Lambswool. Acrylic. Nylon. Polyester. Polypropylene. Lycra. Spandex. When Are Combinations Of Materials Preferable To Pure 100% Stuff?

Poly/cotton. It irons well, it holds the shape of the garment. It wears well. Not as cool [temperature wise]as cotton, but cooler than polyester alone. Makes a great shirt,, scrubs for nurses, summer nighties and robes.
Women would suffer without Lycra/spandex. Our underwear moves with us, doesn't gouge, when we use it.
Hate linen. It wrinkles, and the wrinkes do not come out. The addition of other fibers do not help much. The look is unmade bed.
Cotton for summer, animal fibers for winter. Nylon windbreakers are great for waterproof, they block cool rainey wind , acrlyic is warm, and washable, have some acrlyc mittens and such.
Silk is great, it is a little warm to wear, it does wrinkle, it is hard to care for, but it is a beautiful fabric to wear. Soft and clingy, I wear my silk shirts in the sping. It is difficult to sew with, it ravels. I have a plaid one with soft navy, yellow, pink and blue colors, and I have a ruby red one. One is washable, one is not.
Cashmere is very delicate, and there are many grades. It is very soft, and does not hold its shape, better for sweaters, and wrapps.

Is It Possible To Print Gradients On Silk Screens?
Im A Designer Looking To Get Into Silk Screening. Ive Studied It And I Know About The Process But I Was Just Wondering If It'S Possible To Print Gradients. If You Can, Is It More Possible To Print With Certain Types Of Inks?

Yes, very possible. If properly bitmapped, gradients can be produced by the gradual reduction in size of the bitmapped dots of one color pass and the gradual increase in size of dots in the other color.

In fact, it's the same control of bitmapped dots that make full color printing, whether on a printer or screen, possible with just the CMYK gamut.

Online Clothing Store?
I'M 15 But I'M Very Mature For My Age I Like To Dress With Either A Sophisticated Or Punk Look I Like To Dress In Mainly Darker Colors But Some Color Here In There Is Okay I Wouldn'T Mind A Store With Bright Clothes I'M A Size Sm Sx And In 5Months I'M Leaving The Usa To Live In Australia For Foreign Exchange I Want To Add Some New Clothes To My Ward Robe Before Leaving

Online Clothing Stores:
Almost any store is an online clothing store! But i hope i helped a little and sorry about the prices, i have expensive taste

I'Ve Made My Own Silk Screen.. But What Paint Works Best?
So Yeah, I'Ve Made My Own Silk Screen And Im Debating On What Type Of Paint I Should Use To Print On Clothes.. I Want Them To Last.. Any Ideas?

you should use silkscreen fabric ink. Do not use acrylic paint it will dry in the screen and ruin it. You can buy the silkscreen fabric ink in art supply stores. after you silkscreen the shirts use a hair dryer to heat set the ink and make it permanent Strange enough you can also silkscreen with soft scrub (the one with bleach) it will bleach the area of the shirt a light color and it looks pretty cool, but make sure to wash the shirt before you wear it!

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